Saving Money with Baking Soda: Shampoo!

Maybe I did this backwards! I started using Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner a month or so ago when I ran out of store bought conditioner. Well, I ran out of store bought shampoo three days ago and I am now using a baking soda and water mixture to wash my hair.

I love it! Now my hair is even more easier to deal with! Again, I am using a dollar tree spritz bottle to make the shampoo formula. Almost any small bottle will do, I am not using the nozzle for either the shampoo or conditioner. I find it easier and less time consuming to pour evenly over my hair.

The Shampoo Recipe:

  • 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda
  • 1 Cup Warm Shower Water

This is more than enough to wash my hair thoroughly, my hair is straight and shoulder length. That’s it and my combs through easier than ever! It is clean and feels amazing. Not to mention looks amazing!

Thrift Store Style Board

Back story.. After two kids, what I consider major and abrupt weight loss and the desperate need to update my wardrobe I pledged to myself a clothing allowance.. I know, I know sounds funny, but I have this list called priorities and previously clothing for myself wasn’t making the cut. I had clothing, albeit not very appealing, but it did the job…

Inspired by A Thrifty Mom’s Fashion Style Boards and her copy cat match-ups at My favorite boards and favorite finds from A Thrifty Mom’s style boards are actually a few of her first to be posted. If you choose to go take a peek, I do suggests checking out all of her great fashion style boards (for women and men too!).

This is one of my favorites.


Unfortunately, I still felt that the prices for items I wanted was adding up to way too much.. Over $300 was in my cart at one point(for about two or three complete outfits, a couple scarves, a necklace, a basic top or two and two pairs of boots).. Alright, I leave all these wonderful items in my cart and one Saturday morning I head to my local Goodwill.

I saved the fashion style boards from A Thrifty Mom and specific pics from that I liked the most to my phone, just in case I needed to reference them for inspiration while shopping.

I spent 2 hours at Goodwill, constantly in and out of the dressing room (so much the lady thought I was stealing stuff). It was my last trip to the dressing room, I had found a wonderful Calvin Klein dress to try one with a wide belt. I asked the attendant if I could take the belt inside and have it counted with my six item limit, she agreed. I tried the dress and belt on and they looked fabulous together. On my way out of the dressing room I dropped the belt, without noticing, on the floor of the fitting room. The attendant immediately started to rifle through my cart and my items I had just brought out of the dressing room. She was asking me what I had done with the wallet I took into the room. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she said it was a red wallet. OH! You mean that belt I really want and now I cant find it. I said to her, maybe I dropped it on the floor in the dressing room. I actually had to repeat that a couple of times before she would re-open the room to look. She retrieved the belt for me and I headed for the check-out line, leaving her behind and probably embarrassed.

I leave spending $101.50 and get 3 cardigans, one pair of black skinny jeans, one amazing skirt, one hot dress, two belts, 1 pair of flats, a purse and 4 tops.. all of which interchange with each other. There was one more item in my total, a game for my son that cost $2.99.

I did end up buying one pair of boots off of for 28.99. Shopping for used or new donated shoes isn’t something I have the patience for.

The jeans aren’t pictured here because I can’t seem to take a picture of myself wearing them! My favorites on this trip were the black Calvin Klein dress and the grey skirt. I hope that this inspires you to go make some excellent finds at your local favorite thrift shop!

Now if anyone has tips on how I can take better pictures, please let me know! đŸ™‚

Saving Money with Vinegar: Conditioner!


Not too long ago I was running out of conditioner.  I hadn’t been stockpiling much of anything let alone hair products. For me, I have found it hard to balance running a childcare, couponing and being a mom all at the same time. So I opened up my laptop and went to work searching for a way to make my own conditioner at home for cheap! I spent about an hour looking at all sorts of recipes that included so many ingredients that I did not have and, well, were expensive to purchase.  Finally I happened upon a few recipes that included only the things I had on hand!

The basic recipe I started from:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Essential Oil (of choice)
  • Water

So There are many formulas you can use. Anywhere from a tablespoon to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a couple drops of honey or a whole tablespoon, and a half a cup of water to a whole cup.  It also makes a difference how long your hair is when making the right amount of conditioner. Hair type might also be a consideration. I found sites that said to use white vinegar for blondes and apple cider vinegar for brunettes.

What I am using now, with shoulder length straight/fine hair, is approximately

  • 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Cup Warm Shower Water

Yes, that’s right, that’s all! I had been using lavender essential oil(2-4 drops) and honey( 1/2 tablespoon) and then I ran out! I gave it shot and it’s still working wonders for my hair. I use a small spray bottle I picked up at the Dollar store. You can either spritz or pour evenly over your hair.

The first time you try this, even before you get out of the shower, you will think “it’s not working!” and that is because you are not using that grimy store bought conditioner that slicks your hair. Have no fear your hair will comb out wonderfully and dry much faster!

What are you waiting for, go grab that jumbo sized jug of Vinegar and give it a try!