Our Must Haves after Kitchen Update

Once our kitchen was finishing up there we a few organization/cleaning details I wanted to remedy. I really wanted my counter space and some other items put neatly out of our toddlers reach. Here is a list of the important items I couldn’t do without now that I have them.

We had an ugly cheap knife block that took up counter space and collected greasy dust. I found this magnetic knife bar on Amazon and decided to give it a try. It comes with a mounting plate to mount to a wall. I just removed the plate and stuck it to the side of my fridge. It looks great and frees up space! Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar – Use as Knife Holder, Knife Rack, Knife Strip, Kitchen Utensil Holder and Tool Holder

We added some open shelves where we had bare wall. I thought it would be a perfect place to get the paper towels out of the way. This easy to install paper towel holder does the job looks good and gives my just that much space. PLUS – now there is a designated place where we can FIND the paper towels! ORLESS Adhesive Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet & Wall Mount, No Drilling Suitable for Kitchen Bathroom – Black

I wrote about these in my post about RV organization. I had already purchased these for under the cabinets in the house. I ended up loving them so much that I got them for our trailer and for our entry closet in the house. I am pretty sure I will find some other handy places to put these also. They use a a magnet, mount with adhesive and are rechargeable. I haven’t had to recharge them yet! Homelife LED Motion Sensor Bars Lights, 20 LED Light Sensor Wireless Dimmable Light Bulb with 3 Color Modes, Build in Rechargeable,Stick-on Anywhere Portable Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting

I was guilty off over stuffing a drawer with all of my cooking utensils and I was tired of the mess. I decided on this wooden holder because I thought it was cute and BONUS it did not say utensils on it – why would it, I know what I put in it. Barnyard Designs Rustic Wood Utensil Holder Caddy – Wooden Utensil Crock Storage Organizer Primitive Country Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, 9.5″ x 6.75”(White/Brown)

Before I purchased this fruit basket I didn’t really have anywhere to keep my fruit. Some random bowls that took up too much space or a plate or two would be where are fresh fruits landed. It was messy and looked bad to me. I found this great two tier fruit basket and now it looks appealing, my kids see it, and everyone is eating the fruit before it goes bad now. Fruit Basket, STEELGEAR 2 Tier Fruit Basket Bowl Vegetable Organizer for Kitchen, Detachable Vegetable Storage Fruit Stand Holder for Counter Dining Room Countertop, Black

We have a toddler in the house. He has access to all of our low storage. I am refusing to put child locks on our beautiful cabinets. The baking pans and skillets we normally use and he wants to pull out of the cabinet have been moved to the top of our fridge and stored on this amazing expandable bakeware organizer. Just between you and me, all that stuff is staying there and now I have extra storage later! 2 Racks With 12 Dividers – BTH Silicone Protective Large (8″W) Expandable & Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Pantry and Bakeware Organizer Rack Holder: Total 12 Adjustable Compartments, 2 Racks or 1 Expandable Rack (Large, Dark Gray)

In the process of updating our kitchen, I got a new microwave. Having 2 boys and a husband that are currently able to use the microwave, it gets messy fast. I put this gadget on my Christmas list and no-one got it for me. So, I bought it for myself. I love my Angry Mama, she makes me smile while I am cleaning up after my crew. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner Doll for Home, Kitchen and Office by AODOOR, Easily Cleans the Crud in Minutes

Organization Must Haves for the RV

So you have a travel trailer or an RV, whether it’s new to you or you have been an owner for sometime you may have noticed that they don’t come equipped with all the conveniences you would like. Here is a short list containing a few of the items we have recently need to add. Maybe they can come in handy for you as well!

The pantry and other storage cabinets in our travel trailer are deep and dark. I had already purchased an LED light bar under our cabinets inside our home and I liked them so much that when I got fed up with our dark cabinets and not being able to see what is in them ordered more. These are great – they are USB rechargeable and they mount with a magnet. Simply choose where you want to mount it and stick it on. The charge lasts a long time. On/Off options include always on, motion sense and off. In addition, there are three light settings, soft, bright white, and soft+bright white. Get these great lights here.

This is another awesome space saving item that I had already purchased one for inside our home and decided to get another to put in the travel trailer. Why don’t all travel trailers come equipped with a place for paper towels? We ended up placing this above our sink, but it will stick anywhere you want to put it. Mounts vertically and horizontally. The hold is amazing and it does not need mounting hardware. Find this cool paper towel holder here.

Our newest travel trailer seems to have a remote for everything. It’s a travel trailer and there are at least 5 remotes to keep track of. We opted for this 3m mounted remote holder to keep track of the TV/entertainment area remotes. It is small enough to mount behind the TV or the inside of a cabinet. The draw back is the flexibility of the interior wall. We will be mounting this with Command Picture Hanging Strips to compensate for the flex and prevent damage from our not so delicate children. This handy remote holder can be found here.

There are five of us and when we go somewhere in the travel trailer most of the time each of us has at least two pairs of shoes. There is a small cubby area in the doorway for shoes, but having at about 10 pairs of shoes really crowds the space. These space saving shoe holders make it easy to stack pairs of shoes and keep track of the matching pairs saving time and space at the same time. We are going to add an LED light here too. Making this area easier to access. These useful shoe slots can be found here.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you find most useful, either from this list or something you use.