Wait!! Don’t Call the Plumber… yet


Do you have slow drains? Who doesn’t at one point or another have a sink, tub or shower that starts to drain slow? If you are anything like me you don’t want to spend too much money fixing the problem. Drain cleaners are not only expensive, they are bad for the environment and sometimes bad for your plumbing.

Before you try anything else, I suggest you put a tea kettle or large pot full of water on the stove and get it really boiling. Remove sink or drain stoppers. Take your boiling water and slowly pour it down the drain. This may not work with the first pot of boiling water or it may. I always boil a large pot of water and repeat the process three times just in case I have a really stubborn drain.

Did that work? Don’t fret if it did not! There is another way. You will need baking soda, a rag or some sort to stop the drain, vinegar and another pot of boiling water. For this method, remove drain stoppers, pour about half a box of baking soda into the drain, follow with 1/2 cup vinegar, and IMMEDIATELY stop the drain with the rag. Leave this to work in the drain for about 30 minutes and then slowly pour your pot of boiling hot water down the drain.

These methods should work well and once you have got your drain working as normal I recommend at least using the boiling hot water method on a regular basis to prevent future problems. Once a week or once a month are both good schedules.

Saving Money with Vinegar: Conditioner!


Not too long ago I was running out of conditioner.  I hadn’t been stockpiling much of anything let alone hair products. For me, I have found it hard to balance running a childcare, couponing and being a mom all at the same time. So I opened up my laptop and went to work searching for a way to make my own conditioner at home for cheap! I spent about an hour looking at all sorts of recipes that included so many ingredients that I did not have and, well, were expensive to purchase.  Finally I happened upon a few recipes that included only the things I had on hand!

The basic recipe I started from:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Honey
  • Essential Oil (of choice)
  • Water

So There are many formulas you can use. Anywhere from a tablespoon to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a couple drops of honey or a whole tablespoon, and a half a cup of water to a whole cup.  It also makes a difference how long your hair is when making the right amount of conditioner. Hair type might also be a consideration. I found sites that said to use white vinegar for blondes and apple cider vinegar for brunettes.

What I am using now, with shoulder length straight/fine hair, is approximately

  • 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Cup Warm Shower Water

Yes, that’s right, that’s all! I had been using lavender essential oil(2-4 drops) and honey( 1/2 tablespoon) and then I ran out! I gave it shot and it’s still working wonders for my hair. I use a small spray bottle I picked up at the Dollar store. You can either spritz or pour evenly over your hair.

The first time you try this, even before you get out of the shower, you will think “it’s not working!” and that is because you are not using that grimy store bought conditioner that slicks your hair. Have no fear your hair will comb out wonderfully and dry much faster!

What are you waiting for, go grab that jumbo sized jug of Vinegar and give it a try!